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Word Nerd Confessions: December

[somewhat hummed to Tannenbaum]

December. Oh, December. How colorful, your days are bright. With evergreen and flashy lights, your lengthy nights are cozy bright. December. Oh, December. Your passing will soon bring June.

Don’t get me wrong. December is fairly pleasant, considering all the snow that must be dealt with. Decorations, festivities, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Break. I like December much more than January. But that is next month. This month let’s focus on the bright, brilliant, and happy of the Christmas month.

And this last word is to bring in the new year…

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14 thoughts on “Word Nerd Confessions: December

  1. Ooh! I like ‘anoesis!’ What a fantastic idea!

  2. I was going to try to use all of these in one sentence, but I’m wrangling a chest cold that leaves me coughing constantly. So will just say that I love your words, especially gleek and mickle.

  3. Oh, I dig gleek. Gotta get that one in the ol’ personal vocabulary.

  4. I thought of you when I went word gleaning…
    Although I had a friend in college who said “gleeking” was the accidental spit that came out of one’s mouth.
    Hmm, maybe it still applies.

  5. it causes me great consternation to realize I don’t know all these words….

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