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Debatables: ‘Tis the Season

Yes, ’tis the season. It used to come right after Thanksgiving, as in the Friday after, but now XMas Retail–totally different than Christmas (a post for maybe Mitch Teemley to muse upon?) is upon us. And with it comes all the holiday hoopla: decorations, music, food, commercials, events, and specials.

Mike Allegra and I are taking on Christmas specials based on children’s books in this month’s issue of Debatables. Last month we discussed which children’s lit character deserves to be a Macy’s Day Parade balloon. Mike won that round. See all the glorious discussion and scrabbling here.

If you are not familiar with Debatables–Welcome!
If you are–Welcome back!

Each month, Mike Allegra and I take on debating mostly meritable topics concerning children’s literature. We each state our initial argument in about 250 words and then add on a 150ish counter argument. You then, dear readers, vote accordingly and add in commentary. Mike and I look forward to the votes, and truly relish your comments. Mike says the score is now 3-2. I lead. This could be an important session.

I am offering the perennial classic: Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, based on the song, which is based on the Montgomery Ward coloring book. You probably didn’t know that, did you?

Image result for rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Mike, that gregarious children’s author who is rocking the publishing world with ninja cows and princes of regard, is suggesting a relative newcomer to the seasonal menu: A Wish for Wings That Work based on the title by adult/children’s writer Berkeley Breathed, known for his Bloom County comics.

Image result for a wish for wings that work

Mike’s Opening Argument:

Few creatures, (even in Christmas specials) match the inimitable, innocent, guileless sweetness of Opus the Penguin. His personality stands in stark contrast to his id-inclined Bloom County comic strip cohorts. This big-shnozzled little fella always puts others’ needs before his own. 
So it seems only fair that as Christmas approaches Opus should take a little time to consider his own wants. And Opus wants to fly. He needs to fly. 
A Wish for Wings That Work was published after Berkeley Breathed suddenly (and heartbreakingly) discontinued the Bloom County comic strip. It’s arrival was like a breath of fresh air. Opus was back! And he was in a wonderful story, pursuing a passionate goal—a goal he achieves just by being his old penguin-y self.  
The cartoon (presented here in full) remains true to the book while expanding upon it, drawing in old favorite Bill the Cat as well as introducing new characters from Breathed’s then-recently christened Sunday-only strip, Outland. It’s a cartoon that works on just about every level, even if you aren’t familiar with Bloom County (but especially if you are). Much like Bloom County, the special mixes the sweet and the salty, kid humor with adult humor. And it rewards people who pay attention; some of the best jokes linger unobtrusively in the background. 
And, best of all, there’s that ending! It gives me happy chills every time I see it. Do yourself a favor. Watch the cartoon; you’ll see what I mean.  Click on the link below for Opus in action:
Cricket’s Argument:

We might think of it just being the ubiquitous song that everyone at every age knows, but Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer is pretty special, as in seasonal special. This song came out in 1949 based on the coloring book story created for Montgomery Wards. Although the Rankin special deviated tremendously from the original story it’s become a classic in it’s own right:

  • Burl Ives sings some snappy tunes
  • Memorable characters like Hermey the wannabe dentist
  • The Island of Misfit Toys
  • How about the Abominable Snow Monster?
  • And of course the famous Rankin/Bass stop motion animation
It’s a crowd pleaser about how non-conformists are contributors to society, and are, in fact, heroes in their own right. Click on the link below for cute clip:

From a kid’s coloring book to a traditional song to a classic cartoon—Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer is the one special that is so special it’s the special of all specials. All the others are simply paying tribute to an original. It’s been part of tradition since 1964, and keeps on ticking despite current fine-tooth scrutiny for issues. Rudolph and his friends provide a generational bonding, and the bonus is everyone can sing along.

Mike’s Rebuttal:
As a child, I watched Rudolph every year and enjoyed it. As an adult, however, the Rudolph story bothers me. Poor Rudolph is cruelly shunned by his peers—and is only accepted back into the fray once his glowing nose proves useful. 
That’s a Christmas story that could’ve been written by Ayn Rand.
A Wish For Wings That Work, on the other hand, is a story driven by a strong-willed (and strongly motivated!) character who lives in Bloom County, a wonderful Land of Misfit Everything—including tater tot-brained cats, rhino-pigs, cross-dressing cockroaches, and a toy store owned by General Norman Schwarzkopf. Opus may be teased, but he’s never shunned. After all, Opus and all of his eccentricities are a great fit for this unapologetically odd and accepting place. Rudolph may take place in Santa’s backyard, but Bloom County better exemplifies the generous, supportive spirit of the
Cricket’s Final Say:
Rudolph overcomes adversity with the bonus of acceptance, providing a story arc of beginning, middle, and a rousing resolution. Opus? He is harshly teased by some really odd ducks, who eventually come around to helping him out with his flight fantasy. Yet, there is no real resolution. The last we see of Opus he’s enjoying mock-flying. How long is that going to last? And Bill—Mike, did you forget how cruelly Opus treated the cat he rescued? He never even apologized for his scathing remarks. Rudolph is upbeat while Bloom County is quirky.
Rudolph or Opus? Which special is special to you? Cast your vote, and add your comments. Thanks for stopping by and watch out for fruitcake. That’s one tradition we could do without.

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48 thoughts on “Debatables: ‘Tis the Season

  1. I adore Opus, but it’s got to be Rudolph. I mean, we’re talking CHRISTMAS here and that’s Rudolph. Plus, Burl Ives.

  2. I may have missed the fine print, but are we voting on which story is the most special Christmas one?

  3. I understand the reader support for Rudolph, but, Cricket, you’re inadvertently sabotaging my argument! Not properly downloading the Opus special on YouTube (which I’m sure few of your readers have ever seen) and distracting us with weird font sizes? Proper presentation of the arguments can mean a lot. Get with the program, you!

    And remember the last Debatables at your place? Text running off the page… how can I compete when my arguments are so cruelly tampered with?

    Very unChristmassy, Cricket. Very!

  4. Pingback: Debatables: The Better Christmas Special – Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

  5. Rudolph. Hands down. That abomibiblely dude scared the BEJEEBIES outta me!

    Who is that other one? Never heard of it….is it a Christmas special on TV? Is it on after Rudolph but before Frosty? Huh?

  6. Opus. Rudolph bothers me more and more every year. He gets bullied until they realize they can exploit him. Admittedly the Island of Misfit Toys is the American ecclesiology, but still. Opus.

  7. I have never been a fan of Rudolph — guess I was older when it was televised. But I am not familiar with A Wish For Wings That Work. Enjoyed the video Mike had on his site. It is cute and I like Opus. It is more appealing to me than Rudolph. But neither wow me.

  8. I have to say I was unconditionally behind Rudolph. It has a lot of sentimental value and brings back fond memories. It is tradition to watch it. However, I had never seen nor heard of Opus and company. Thanks to Mike providing the link I spent a half hour with them and fell in love with Opus and his misfit cat. It really is wonderful and magical. The magic isn’t the kind that is hard to believe. It’s the kind that make neighbours help each other to fulfill their dreams. I like that kind of magic. Surprisingly, I am with Mike on this one.

  9. Never even knew the Opus one existed!

  10. Ok.. I know I am late to the game and I also know the winner has been declared so I made an effort NOT to read the other comments but I wanted to get in my 2 cents as it were. I was not familiar with the Opus story so I watched it to give it a fair chance. Sorry Mike.. but I am with Cricket on this one for several reasons but here are Two.
    1. I did not like the way Opus treated his friend the cat (and never apologized for) especially since it was his tater tot brained cat that gave the geese/ducks (not sure what they were) the idea to take him flying and gave him his Christmas wish.
    2. Rudolph is getting major bad press these days and that is all complete &^%$#@ because while it is about bullying, it is ALSO about how Rudolph ultimately won over the hearts of the other reindeer and saved the day. It also TAUGHT that bullying is wrong.
    So Rudolph is and always will be one of the absolute best Christmas stories of all time!
    That is all… ❤

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