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Doodle Contest: currying votes, once again

Mike Allegra, yes,  that Mike Allegra my plucky partner of Debatable fame, is currently running one of his wonderful Doodle Contests. I do like his doodles. Knowing I like cows he drew this doodle to illustrate one of my cow jokes. The doodle is definitely better than the joke.

What do you call a cow who steals? A hamburger. *Cows-hamburger (right, if it needs explaining it isn’t that funny)

One way to get a ballot is to link back to his contest.

Another way is to talk up his contest on social media. Problem. I only blog. No pins, tweets, faceplants, instantly graming done. 

I could post a review about his new books about Prince Not So Charming, but I have only read the Amazon preview, but they do look as fun as Mike says they are.

The other way to get a ballot in the box is to leave an interesting fact about myself in the comment box, which I did, and then thought “perhaps I shall elaborate upon this morsel” and so, out of the catacombs of the past adventures of Cricket Muse:

Once upon a time a young woman seeking to expand her educational horizons and desiring to stretch her wings and fly out of the home state nest for a bit, decided to enroll in an out of state university where she knew not anyone and had to establish residency for a year or pay horrendous out-of-state tuition fees. Slinging burgers did not appeal nor did answering phones, cashiering or any of other usual job posties. Swinging a deal to remodel a storefront (her dad had instilled some skills) for six months free rent, our heroine opened a helium balloon bouquet delivery service, dubbed Alligator Balloons. It was such a surprise to the fair hamlet that it became a hit, soon emulated by others, but we all know the original is indeed best. 

A year goes by, college begins, and a dilemma ensues. Go to school, run the business, do both? Yes, do both. At least for a time. Alas, school and trying to raise a family proves a bit much (the Alligator met a prince of a handyman while remodeling the store, proposed, and married him, getting a much unexpected bonus to her diploma). Selling the started-the-biz-with-$300-in-the-back-pocket at a significant profit, she retired from ballooning to work in the library and eventually teach high school English, penning stories as the Muse and time became amendable. 

Of course I couldn’t write all that in the comment box, but I am hoping I left enough to garner a win. Now let’s think up a possible doodle for Mike to do…

If you would like to win an original Allegra doodle I suggest clicking to his website before the contest ends. 

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