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Reading Pastabilities

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Jane Eyre

All the Light We Cannot See

The Grapes of Wrath

Moby Dick

The Count of Monte Cristo

East of Eden

The Portrait of a Lady


The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Read any of these titles? Congratulations. You know what it means to make a commitment to a long read.

I should have more titles for this list, and I eventually will, yet here is a small gripe–and maybe you agree with me: long reads are like sitting down to a savory plate of pasta, yet no matter how much you eat, there is so much more that needs to be eaten, and because the pasta is so good you keep eating, but you know you should stop, but you can’t, and get a little too full, and even get a little frustrated because you just keep going. The frustrating part is wanting to sample the other food available, except you are committed to that big plate of pasta.

Does anyone else feel that way about getting involved in a long book?

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13 thoughts on “Reading Pastabilities

  1. I never thought of Grapes of Wrath as a long book. Steinbeck is such a master storyteller, I don’t notice the length. I’d happily follow that guy anywhere.

    Moby Dick on the other hand…

    • I had the misfortune of procrastinating my author focus class too long and ended up with Melville. Moby Dick—two four letter words.
      Steinbeck is not a long read. Long read is not synonymous with tedious. Unless it is about a whale and a guy who is fixated on whales.

  2. The Count of Monte Cristo. Sigh.

  3. I love a good tome. If my thumb isn’t aching at the end, it’s not worth my time.
    Dune! I remember longing for a stillsuit when I lived through North Carolina summers.

  4. Yes! Read Moby Dick and Dune, the others will come soon. Loved both books! Check the hallmark miniseries of Dune, it’s much better than the 70s movie! Also like the Gregory Peck version of Moby Dick. I think Steinbeck is next 🙂

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