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Val Day Reset Blick

Between the rain and the uptick in warmer temperatures the landscape had shed its blanket of winter white. I was thrilled.

Snow is fine as long as it stays in the mountains. Let the skiers rejoice. Unfortunately, snow is pervasive and usually hangs around for four months, barely leaving until the daffodils give hint of their arrival in April.

Valentine’s day provided a mixed blick. A reset button of eight inches of snow created a snow day from school (yay!), but winter is back (blick!).

On the positive side I was able to rest and read and grade and beat back yet another round of getting sick. And when life hands you snowyou make a snowman.

Hope your Valentine’s day was delightful, and I hope your winter is going well.

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4 thoughts on “Val Day Reset Blick

  1. Just the opposite in my neck of the woods. Valentine’s Day brought some warm weather and today all the snow is gone. But I’ve lived here long enough to know it will be back before spring. Blech.

  2. We were pretty warm here. Wondering when we’ll get our next round of rain. Hope soon. Don’t want to go back to drought conditions….Hope you’re feeling better!

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