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In Between Aah Weekend

As I sit in my lounger recuperating from a week of giving finals, grading essays, posting grades, and planning next quarter’s lesson, I take a moment to breathe an “Aah.”

The weekend in between semesters is rather delectable. Finally–no papers to read and grade and no last minute adjustments to lesson plans. I embrace the leisurely weekend ahead. A good book to indulge in. A nice nap to appreciate. Maybe some shopping. No guilt. I am in between semesters and there is that hint of June frisking in the distance, even as snow falls.

Any other teachers out there feeling that in between “aah”?

Or maybe you’re a student feeling the same way.

Hoping you all have some “aah” time before Monday.

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3 thoughts on “In Between Aah Weekend

  1. I feel that “aah” in between writing projects. It’s a very freeing feeling for sure. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yes, I usually feel that aahhh, after a contest deadline or an agent/editor conference follow-up deadline, or after I’ve finished cajoling my nonwriting son to meet his writing deadlines. Arg. This last one usually leads me to drink more than a smidgeon of wine.

  3. I think sometimes we have to schedule in that me time. I know I haven’t done a very good job of that lately. At least we can acknowledge those aahhh times and milk them for all they’re worth!

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