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I did not experience the solar eclipse, but I am content with the strange sorta kinda dimness that I thought I was the eclipse. We do not live in the pathway and we hadn’t considered making the seven hour drive to witness the two minutes. 

I did experience some type of eclipse in college during the eighties, can’t remember what type. I do remember a group of us signed up for an adventure excursion trip. We jumped into a van and drovehalf a day with no real plan. At the eclipse approached someone in the van  yelled, “Pull over here!” We stopped at the top of a hill overlooking a vineyard. Slowly it grew dusk, cars on the ribbon of highway below began turning on headlights, but none stopped driving. A dim shadow quavered through the vineyard momentarily transforming it into an Ansel Adams time lapse print of grey landscape tones. Quite surreal. 

Didn’t make it here this time. Or last time, for that matter. Our vinny was more modest. I bet happy hour was something though.

This time around, I missed out due to being preoccupied with my mending broken wrist. I did virtually share the wonder of the event through with millions of other non-pathers and was genuinely happy for the crowds. Maybe next time I’ll plan it better. For now I’ll be humming Donovan:

The Perfect Eclipse Tune
How was solar eclipse experience?

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8 thoughts on “E-clipsed

  1. I missed it too. Sorry about your wrist! (Love the old Donovan tune, btw.)

  2. I technically saw the eclipse, but it was so cloudy where I was in Iowa that it was difficult! Still happy that I had the experience, though. I vaguely remember seeing one, although I don’t remember what kind, when I was little – maybe 6 or 7?

  3. In New Jersey, it didn’t get as dark as I hoped it would. It was also kinda cloudy.

    I was, however, the hero of the office, for I was the only one in the department to plan ahead and make an eclipse viewer out of a box of Life cereal. So my colleagues and had a good time shirking work, laughing, gossiping, and taking turns staring into a box like a bunch of dorks. It was a good day.

  4. It was profound for me, and I wasn’t even in the path of totality. A real adventure of a day, actually. I hope to write about it before the next eclipse commences.

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