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Another entry for my “What I Did Over Summer Vacation”

So far summer break has been great: a long-waited Hawaiian holiday, lots of hammock reading, editing projects, family visits–yes, an enjoyable break, that is until today. 

Today the break became literally great. Well, maybe not great but enough to earn an ER visit.

  This is prior to x-ray.

Highlights of the incident:

  • Renting bikes
  • Exploring bike paths
  • A sudden stop
  • Avoiding a major bicycle pile up
  • An abrupt encounter with the embankment
  • Bloody knee and that sudden epiphany I’ve broken my wrist
  • Thankfully I did not wipe out the grandkiddo
  • The kindness of strangers is a marvel–a shout out to James
  • Our smalltown ER staff is fabulous
  • My hubs missed his calling as a physician’s assistant
  • Life is going to be interesting the remainder of my vacation with my dominant hand in a cast
  • Oh–pain meds are my new best friend

So, tommorrow it’s off to the orthopedic surgeon for assessment.

Over sixty years of surviving various risky activities and I fall off my bike and break my wrist. Sheesh–

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24 thoughts on “Another entry for my “What I Did Over Summer Vacation”

  1. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

  2. Dave Quayle on said:

    Commiserations. But can you still hold a book and turn the page?

  3. Ouch, I broke my foot once when gravel, a sharp turn, the ground, a pedal, slippy soled shoes put the aforementioned foot in a compromising position in relation to some if not all of the foregoing.
    As an old Irishman once said to me “it’s lovely when the pain goes…”
    Be well!

  4. Oh NO! Summer breaks are an extra bummer. Glad you’re mostly OK! Sending healing vibes – hope that you can at least still hold books?

  5. Gah! Some day, when we meet, I’ll show you my elbow . . .

  6. mimi on said:

    Ouch and ouch! When i was young i broke my arm, twice. You have my hopes for a speedy recovery.

  7. I hope you have a speedy recovery. 😉

  8. Oh, dang! I didn’t realize your injury was so serious. (This is what happens when I read your posts out of order.)

    Here’s hoping you have a speedy recovery. Don’t forget to take notes when those pain meds give you hallucinations; they might inspire a story one day.

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