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The Star Trek Cold Cure

Have you experienced that annoying out-of-nowhere cold? The one that follows you home one night after work and stays the weekend? Yes, I recognize those nods of acknowledgement.

Thursday:sore throat tickles prompted me to get into “stave off cold mode” by sipping my immune  tea and eating good old homemade chicken soup (thoughtfully prepared by the hubs–what a keeper). Nasal wash (a dreaded relief). Go to bed early after a healthy dose of OTC cold medicine. You know the kind–bizarre color of blue or orange that gets poured in a tiny plastic cup and when downed the after taste makes your toenails curl in aftershock. 

Friday: Failure of tried and true preventative results in waking up with a full out head cold. Surpringsly enough, since I work in a germ factory called a public high school, I rarely get sick. Fortunately, it’s an in-service day and after the required staff activity my benevolent principal allows me to go and work from home. What teacher doesn’t anyway every night? I go home and sleep the rest of the day.

Cold Cure Crew?


Saturday: The cold, having flirted with going into my chest decides to totally clog my sinuses. Breathing like a trout caught out, napping with my mouth open causes coughing and no rest. My brain can’t focus on my book. The solution? A movie festival. Trotting over to the public library I decide on the original Star Trek series I-VI. I spent all day Saturday camped on the recliner, entering grades while traveling where no man has gone before. By 11 o’clock that night I was so dazed from my Special Edition spree that sleep came easily.

Sunday: Waking up with breathing in tact and somewhat rested, I made it out the door for early service and returned an hour later and slept until 5:30 pm after taking a decongestant for my clogged up ears.

Monday: After going to bed at 10 pm, I’m up at 2 am. Not so great. I plump up the pillows, and plug in ocean waves white noise–hope for the best until the alarm at 6 am.

I really think sitting through four Star Trek movies, (I had watched #1 earlier that week, and skipped #4) complete with special feature documentaries, sped the course of this unwelcome cold. Maybe it was the overexposure to cheesy acting and low budget special effects that wore down or even annihilated  the remaining cold forces. Maybe my brain and body became so anesthetized from  watching so much space drama it was immune to the cold settling in for a longer stay.

I can’t recommend the Star Trek is a guarantee cold reducer for everyone, and I still can’t believe I sat through four plus movies. I do know that I will reconsider my choice of series should I decide upon this cure again. Maybe watch Lost in its enthralling entirety? Hmmm…

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13 thoughts on “The Star Trek Cold Cure

  1. Oh–I have it, too! Working in children’s ministry I typically manage to avoid this stuff with lots of hand washing and Lysol, but not this time! I’m now in the stage where I feel better, but sound AWFUL and everyone acts like I’m trying to poison them. No, no, people. That was LAST week when you didn’t know I was sick! 😉

  2. You skipped the one with the whales?! The more you watch it the better it gets, although I love the first one for its SFX. I like this idea of binge watching, I think that is my weekend sorted out!

    • The fourth was a bit much for me. It was as if they were lampooning themselves. I did a binge with Hunger Games last year. It’s kind of fun, especially on rainy Saturdays.

  3. Been there, done that… different movies, though. Lord of the Rings I, II, &3. I was a middle school teacher before ending my career as a high school ESL teacher. The little beggars are germier than the high school kind. I retired in 2014 after 31 years and am still missing it mightily. I wish you well on all future Close Encounters of the Germ Kind.

  4. Star Trek as cold cure? How odd!

    For me, when Kirk says “What does. God. Need. With a starship.” I kinda throw up in my mouth a little.

    The next time you’re ill, may I recommend St. Elsewhere? When the great William Daniels starts yelling, those cold germs will run screaming for the exit.

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