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Moving on from Nat Poetry Month…

As much as I am a fan of poetry and have kept to my resolve to dedicate the entire month of April to poetry, I do miss posting other interests. Here’s a preview of my need-to-catch-you-up posts:

  • The moose came back, with baby, and devoured my tulips. How many English teachers have to deal with moose interrupting class?
  • Survived the 2016 Flu run.
  • Visited the wondrous Seattle Library and gazed upon a First Folio.
  • Devoured several books of note over Spring Break.
  • Considering condo life–shh, don’t tell the hubs as these noises fret him.

Shakespeare and his ability to rock the world has awakened in my deeper appreciation for words. I even wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure Hamlet to celebrate this 400 Shakesyear. 

Stay tuned for updates coming your way…

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7 thoughts on “Moving on from Nat Poetry Month…

  1. Oh, leave the moose alone. They’re dumb and adorable.

    And, if I may say so, a Hamlet CYOA is brilliant.

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