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Well, I Never…

There are so many lists out there dealing with resolutions of sorts these days: Buckets, Blessings, Brags, and I toss out my own B.I.G. (“Before I Get–too old, too lazy, too nervous…)

I think I’m on to a new kind of list. Instead of a wish list or a hopeful list or even a done it list, I’m starting a “Well, I Never and Glad of It List.”

Truthfully, aren’t there some things you’ve never done, and you are glad you haven’t?

Here are a couple of starters for me:

  1. I have never had a cup of coffee.
  2. I have never read or watched Harry Potter.
  3. I have never Twittered or Instagrammed.
  4. I have never been inked.

The first admission is usually met with surprise or doubt and sometimes an offer to buy me a cup of java.

The second one is met with shock, and once with outrage. Devotees can be so sensitive.

The third often involves a knowing nod and camaraderie, or a puzzled concern, as if the person is in the company of a technological dinosaur. 

The fourth is tricky as it involves which age group I’m talking to, since tattoos are seen differently by different generations.

Of course there are some “Well, I nevers” I shall never contemplate:

  1. Swimming with sharks.
  2. Spelunking
  3. Staying in an ice hotel.

    So–do you have a couple of “Well, I nevers” to share?

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19 thoughts on “Well, I Never…

  1. I’ve never drank a cup of coffee either. Twice I took a sip, convinced I could learn to like it. Both times I gagged. I make due with tea instead. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. I love this! I’ve tweeted, but join you in never-ing the other three. I’ve also never been in a tanning bed or eaten blood pudding and I’m glad of both.

  3. How clever! I’ve never read Twilight, never dyed my hair, never had alcohol…well, quite a few things, actually!

    You’re not missing much on the coffee front. I only like it in other stuff, like a milkshake or frappucino. Twitter is a lovely place for conversation & making Internet friends, but not good if you value disconnecting from technology. Harry Potter is a fun series, but if you’re not interested, then you’re not missing anything. I just got around to reading them this past year. I’ve also never been inked.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I have to disagree with those who say you aren’t missing much with coffee! It’s one of life’s great simple pleasures for me, I drink a lot more tea than coffee, but a lovely coffee always feels like a treat. I’m not trying to persuade you to try it – each to their own of course!

    I like the idea of this list, rather than wishing and lamenting over what we haven’t done, be happy about things we haven’t done. I have watched the first Harry Potter film, but that is all, haven’t read any. I haven’t been inked either.

    From your three nevers, I wouldn’t do proper swimming with sharks, but at the London Aquarium they do a swimming with sharks experience thing in the tank that my son wants to do, so I’d do that with him as it’s such a controlled environment. The other two I would consider.

    My glad I haven’ts – been into a jungle, run a marathon, been on ultra-mega roller coasters (I love theme parks, but don’t like rides that involve great heights and great drops and going upside down), open water sea swimming, hand gliding.

  5. I’ve never been inked, smoked or ingested pot or any other illicit drugs, but I have read and watched all of Harry Potter. World building novels are my favorite. I’ve even gotten to share it with my 8 year-old daughter. I wouldn’t trade those book discussions for the world. I drink coffee like alcohol–only socially. I prefer tea. I too will never swim with sharks, but the other two, I am open to the experience.

  6. I’ve done everything on your list but the last one – and I’ll probably never do it! I do hope you’re a tea drinker though.

    I’ve never driven a car (don’t have my license) and I’ve never put fuel in a car. I never learnt how to swim properly, which is fine by me as I burn like nothing else so days at the beach or in/by the pool aren’t for me anyway.

  7. I do like my coffee but the Harry Potter thing is probably one you should be proud of. The series both books and films are really overrated. I enjoyed the first three or four books and I thought they were good enough books but other than that there is nothing more to them.

  8. I have a worse Harry Potter confession: I read the first book and didn’t find it interesting enough to start in on the second. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

    Now what the hell is with this coffee business?

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