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Cricket’s Hamlet Adventure: Day Five–it’s reigning wonder and frightening

Aah–midpoint. Two more days to go and I graduate from Hamlet school. I just gotta polish up my project and present it and practice our group scene and perform it. The wonder (at least part of it) and the frightening is due to the film crew returning on Friday to film our presentations and performances. Forsooth!  

I believe this is the Supreme Court building which is in the neighborhood of the Folger Library

 One of the lesson cappers we use is “I observed…” For example:

  • I observed there are some shoes that definitely cannot be worn in the rain
  • And I observed when necessity calls for walking barefoot in the rain it’s lovely that DC neighborhood sidewalks are primarily brick

I finally managed to get into the LoC reading room.My Intention was to locate my Marvin Composes a Tea Highlights anthology and snap a photo of it; however, NO photographs are allowed in the RR. I was content looking at my LoC call number on the screen with the LoC RR in the background.

The LoC bookstore actually had more people in it than the RR. I could have spent HOURS deciding whst to buy. Alas, I had to hurry and get back to Folgering since I snuck away on my lunch break. I snagged a few buttons, yet wished for more time and a larger suitcase. Really, really cool stuff beckoned from the shelves. Okay-I’ve just talked myself into going back. Good thing I have leftovers from dinner because I will be skipping lunch again.

All my adventuring after hours has caught up to me and I am determined to go to bed before midnight tonight. I even slept in until 8 am today! *gasp*

“Perchance to sleep, to dream–ay there’s the rub.”            

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6 thoughts on “Cricket’s Hamlet Adventure: Day Five–it’s reigning wonder and frightening

  1. Just don’t go shuffling off this mortal coil in bare feet, OK? Or maybe that’s the way we should shuffle off. Toes on bricks in the rain. It sounds like you’re having the time of your life. Enjoy!

    • Kind of doing the Dorothy thing except it’s s red brick road.

      • Funny you should mention that. When I was in high school, my friends and I in the French Club dressed up like OZ characters to walk the length of the homecoming parade. My friend wore my mother’s bright red pumps that didn’t quite fit. She ended up walking half the parade holding her shoes. Even so, she had enormous blisters that took forever to heal. Hope that’s not the case with you. 😀

      • Just a souvenir baby toe blister. Nothing devastating.👌🏻

  2. I was in D.C. back in May for my graduation (my masters program was online), and I loved the Library of Congress and Folger. Honestly, I was more excited for Folger, but both were still quite the experience.

    I may have missed earlier posts, but does that mean you’ve gone in the ever-so-sacred reading room at Folger? The one that’s open for only an hour a day?

    • Check out earlier posts. Good stuff like having access to the First Folio that will be on tour next year! Received my Reader Pass and had the opportunity to research a project all week with real deal scholars!

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