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NPM: #28–a classroom poem

This poem is for all you teachers out there, and yes, to you students as well. We ask a question, and know our students know the answer, but there is such a reluctance to share the knowledge, unless you are the student who always has the willingness. What about the others? This poem helps to unravel the mystery of the reluctant hand.

The Hand

“Take a chance…” image:


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11 thoughts on “NPM: #28–a classroom poem

  1. Yay! Keep up the good work teaching! I teach at Check it out!

  2. My son has a reluctant hand, but he’s learning to share. To overcome his fear of being wrong or being the center of attention. When he’s called on, he often forgets his answer. But he’s learning not to worry about that. It’s difficult for him.

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