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NPM: #23–purses and tributes to mothers

Getting Close

by Victoria Redel


 Because my mother loved pocketbooks

I come alive at the opening click or close of a metal clasp.

rest of poem

Victoria Redel renders a stunning tribute to her mother. It’s odd how certain objects breathe life into dormant memories. The days of women ensconced in their handbags, pocketbooks, purses is one I do not currently relate to, as I am no slave to fashion and its requirements. Yet, Redel’s poem nudges a few faded portraits of “going somewhere” because my mother had a “certain purse” draped on her arm. Outings had a sense of special due to the requirement apparel, such as a matching purse crooked upon the arm.  I am still drawn to old handbags and their cousins whenever I browse thrift shops. I only hold a fondness, a remembrance; I have no desire to have one perch upon my arm. I am of the backbag age, the unique tote age, the “why-would-I-switch-everything-from-one-bag-to-another?” age. Still I do look, and still I do appreciate Redel’s own penchant and tribute.

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3 thoughts on “NPM: #23–purses and tributes to mothers

  1. Lovely poem. Like you, I don’t like switching from one purse to another, so I tend to wear one out and then get another.

    • I’m on the lookout for a stylish backpack style that fits my clutch wallet. A seemingly impossible task at present. It’s either beanbag stripes or pricey leather. Not much in between. How did yesteryear women switch all the time?

  2. I love this poem. Your are highlighting some stellar ones, aren’t you? I can hear and see and smell and feel this poem. Thanks!

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