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Book Booster Beckonings


Book Booster

I have been quite remiss in my blog hostessing. Usually I invite new followers to add their name to the Book Booster roster. If you are a recent follower, please accept my apologies for not having invited you sooner. What’s a Book Booster? This is the detailed link and here is the short version:
Read books? Recommend books? Buy or checkout books by the armload? Have a TBR list and stack longer and taller than Superman can leap over in a single bound? Consider yourself a Book Booster and consider this your invite.

What are the benefits?
If you are hoping for a Barnes and Noble discount, I’m afraid the details are still sketchy on that one.
And reserved parking at the library is still being negotiated.
I am still working on that secret handshake.
However, you can revel in the knowledge you are in great company and you can spend hours clicking to connect with other Book Boosters.

While I can’t guarantee all the links are still active I can ensure you will no doubt discover a few new blogs to follow, and in turn they will no doubt find and follow you and that Six Steps Separation thing gets one step closer to becoming a big blogging bunch of Book Boosters.

What? You’re not on the list and you thought you were? I can fix that…

So send me your “Of course add me to the roster” approval and then it’s happy browsing.

Blue Skies and Happy Reading,

C. Muse

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13 thoughts on “Book Booster Beckonings

  1. Hi. Stumble upon your blog in the Reader earlier. Love the idea but I’m not sure if my blog fits your book booster list. I’m a volunteer at a Malaysian book rental store. I maintain the website/blog as well as the Facebook page. To make the website more excited, I write posts about book-ish stuff e.g. benefits of renting a book, author-readers interaction via social media. I did write about book lists e.g. Man Booker Prize & Writes of Passage: 50 books that will change your life. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! 🙂

  3. Once I launch my blogs I really hope I remember this! lol

  4. It is an epic list and I am honoured to be on it, but this is a timely reminder to go and catch up with all the other blogs out there that I haven’t got to…yet!

  5. Of course add me to the list! I had no idea!

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