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Blog Spotlight: Book to the Future

My latest spotlight is on another blogger whom I’ve exchanged commentaries since the beginning of my blogging foray.

In his own words:

Everyone calls me Ste J.
I am an obsessive book creature, in fact I spend more time between the (book) covers (I read in bed as well though) than I do with ‘real’ people.
Which means I probably spend more time with you guys than anyone else. Feel privileged.

Ste J is a bona fide bibliophiliac. He loves books. That’s a bonafide fact. Proof: he once read 100 books in 362 days, just to see if he could do it.  His blog is neatly organized into genre and with a mere click, a person can investigate reviews and titles. His tastes are eclectic, his insights meaningful, and his replies clever.

For a sampling of his classics page, click here.

Lately, his posts have wandered a bit off the original track of being primarily bookish in content and he writes on whim. I can relate.  I too have strayed from my original intent of providing astute book reviews that would dazzle and benefit bookdom and have taken to writing as serendipity taps the muse.

So, I hope you will check out Book to the Future and meet the intrepid Ste J, where as his banner states “more book than a mad ‘orse.”

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13 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Book to the Future

  1. I’m happy to say I follow Ste J too 😀

  2. Thanks for the introduction. I read 50 books in a year once and it was tough…I am in awe of anyone who car read 100 in a year.

  3. I am intrigued. Think I’ll visit.

  4. So often in life we stray from our original intent. Will have to check out yet another blogger who may influence my TBR pile. But I am wondering how many of those books can be recalled individually or are they all one hazy year’s memory?

    • That would be a great question. I admit that some books are hazy on reread. I blame that partly on hard drive overload. It’s time to purge some information. I couldn’t remember going to a restaurant that my hubs remembers quite clearly. Oh my–and I’m younger than him.

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