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Blog Spotlight : Eagle-Eyed Editor


Here begins a series of spotlights about blogs I follow. Maybe you’ll become a follower too!

When I first began blogging about two years ago I noticed a trio of bloggers who often stopped by my posts and left chatty comment bits. Quite encouraging and fun, actually. Think about it–we tip tap out our words, launch them out, and hope to spark some kind of response. Often off-the-cuff comments lead into revelations and further discussions.

Eagle- Eyed Editor has always encouraged me to dig a bit deeper by providing both thought provoking, as well as, humorous posts. Recipient of Freshly Pressed. Twice.  Many of 3E’s posts concern the impact of social media. Try out this post.

I mentioned I would show the “Look Up” video to my students and pass on the response:

I decided not to show my freshmen the video since I didn’t think they would get or receive the message as well as my seniors; plus,  I was rather annoyed with my freshmen by the end of the year with their constant need to peek at their phones during class. Confiscating phones became a sideline to teaching at a point.  I should have asked for commission. Maybe that was their response: they have such an addiction to texting, snap chatting, and twittering that they can’t stop themselves even when the consequences are dear. In fact, some freshmen students are so addicted to their iDevices they can’t bear to be parted. This came to light when we were practicing our monthly required fire drill in May. We file out, I lock the door, we stand on the edge of the parking lot, wait for the all clear. Ten or fifteen minutes later, it’s a checklist item for admin. Purses, backpacks, coats, etc are all left behind. Not phones. “The room’s locked. We’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” A look of indecision and then a shake of the head, accompanied by clutching. “No, I must have my phone with me. I have to.” Is there a twelve step program for technology addiction?

Seniors were more blatant about their phone usage, but they were more compliant if I said “This is a no-device portion of class.” They understood time and place I blithely thought. Most of them used their phones and pads to actually look up meaningful additions to the learning process. Others didn’t. Really? Clash of Clans? From our saluatorian? Actually, I guess I was rather annoyed with my seniors by the end of the year as well. Perhaps this is why the “Look Up” video sparked the discussion that it did–they recognized the message because it was directed at many of them.

“Yet another example of how bad technology is for society,” one student stated, with thinly veiled sarcasm.

From across the room came the reply, “But if the technology weren’t there as a temptation people wouldn’t be tempted.

Across the room discussions rarely go well. Fortunately the bell rang, with the discussion still lingering as students trailed out, I would safely say there rang a truth some of my students were uncomfortable with: technology is an increasing demand on their lives, more than they care to admit.

So perhaps this generation, the one born with a device in one hand and a pacifier in the other, will swing the other way with their own children, like mine did concerning the tolerance of cigarettes and television, and decide “technology is detrimental to our well being.” I wonder will there be tech free zones established in the future? “No tech usage within 25 feet of building entrance.” “We’d like the tech-free section, please.” “I’ll have the tech-lite, please.”

Thanks again to Eagle Eyed Editor for providing blog posts which stimulate classroom discussions. I hope you will check out 3E’s blog–you won’t be disappointed.

Blue Skies,
C. Muse

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9 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight : Eagle-Eyed Editor

  1. Reblogged this on musiCOOLogy 101 and commented:
    This post is not about music but I just had to re-blog it. Definitely watch the video, then stop and do something else!

  2. Awwww, now I’m blushing! Thanks, CM, it was a delightful surprise to find this post today!

    I’m glad that things I say are provoking some thoughtful discussions in your classes. Good to know.

  3. I, too, am a fan of the Eagle.

    But it’s hard for me to be too, too critical of social media since, in my case, it does often lead to face to face social interactions. Last weekend I attended a writers’ conferences, and because to my blogging, the room was filled with familiar folks — many of whom were exactly as I imagined them to be. It was a blast.

  4. If schools and colleges had phone jamming devices then life would be so much easier!

    • Hmmm, this warrants consideration. Then again learning appropriate time and place is a worthwhile life skill to teach them and then we wouldn’t need extreme measures.

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