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Way Too Cool Library(ians)

I am a bona fide bibliophile. I not only love (phile) books (biblio) I adore all that  is connected to them: writing, reading, bookstores, and libraries. If we go on vacation I seek out the library. Some seek out shopping, eating, beaching, hiking, or cycling–I seek out reading. My idea of the perfect vacation tour would be to visit libraries all around the world.  The cool part about libraries is the librarians. There are plenty of movies about super heroes as well as super agents, along with super smart folk who solve crime, save the world, etc.–but rarely is the librarian given credit where credit is due. Being a librarian at heart, I had a fair amount of fun watching The Librarian series–all that knowledge put to good use saving the world. Yeah, librarians do have skills.


Libraries around the world preview:

  • clementinum int 10 of the world's most spectacular libraries

    This is in Prague. Oh, yes, I do want to go. I do. I do.

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15 thoughts on “Way Too Cool Library(ians)

  1. Chloe Blades on said:

    I totally agree. Libraries are actually more fun than people know!

  2. This is nerdy in a pretty awesome way… smiles.

  3. hungryhungryhippo404 on said:

    Lol as the daughter of two librarians, I sadly cannot get as excited as you about librarians. Curse you reality! But I agree, there is much value to be had in a good old fashioned librarian. None of this technology replacing people for my liking!

    • Wow! Librarians for parents! I garner you have some interesting stories to tell. Oops, unintended pun.

      • hungryhungryhippo404 on said:

        Lol oh so punny! 😛 Nothing terribly exciting to report, just a lifetime tendency to sort all my DVDs and books into alphabetical order…or into subjects if I’m particularly bored! Hehehe

  4. Elise on said:

    Oh, yes, visiting libraries on vacation is a certainty. But the big fancy ones are not my favorite … I seek the tiny community library tucked away quietly. Here I find the treasures that refresh my soul! In this place, there is no marble or majestic wooden arches. Here the written word reigns supreme!

  5. What a great idea for a vacation – a tour of libraries! Sign me up!

  6. Oh wow, I lived in Prague for a bit and never went here!!! I’ll have to look it up on my next visit!

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