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Happy Sites for Smiles

Eagle Eyed Editor recently posted some thoughts on social media and it poked my brain into reflect mode. While there are many things I don’t like about the influx of social media–decline of manners (I’m here to watch the movie, aren’t you?); bullying (mean girls rule the airwaves); meaningless blurbs about mundane aspects of everybody’s life (celebrity haircuts make the banner-really?); and the instant shock news (the ceaseless exploitation of tragedy is morbid, not informing). HOwEvER—— Some people have figured out that social media platforms are amazing ways to promote happy thoughts, to interject some meaning to our day, to enlighten and amuse. Some are simply fun. Here are a couple of favorite finds: Puppet Guy at Vine Puppet Guy is a little yellow fellow with a big heart, a smallish brain, an a beguiling personality. His clips ranges from his rendition of Kermit singing to the “Rainbow Song” to being scared of virtual fish tanks to claiming Bill Cosby is his dad.  These short looping clips are mesmerizing.  Whenever I need a quick laugh I click hoping for a new adventure.  I guess I never outgrew the Muppet Show. You’ve probably discovered Kid President on your own.  My students begged me to play one of his episodes as our icebreaker.  I’m hooked. This kid reminds me of Gary Coleman (remember him?). Maybe even a much younger Erkle. Not only are his messages inspirational, but his life is inspirational. Robby Novak, aka Kid President, is a TED speaker, and has interviewed President  Obama, Beyoncé, and others. His winsome personality and impromptu dance moves and off-the-cuff remarks spell G-E-N-U-I-N-E.

What are your favorite upbeat sites that add a smile to your day?  I’m always looking for icebreakers for my students, so keep those suggestions family friendly, if you please.

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One thought on “Happy Sites for Smiles

  1. Love this post!!! Especially Kid President. I watched the video and I’m definitely going to share it with some folks I know that need encouragement. Thanks, CM!

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