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Revisits and Rereads

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It’s 5:45 a.m. and I’ve just finished re-reading Mockingjay. I checked it out a couple of days ago partly because I was surprised to see not one, but two copies on the shelf. I cancelled my hold request for Catching Fire as I reached the last chapter of the last book in this series.. How could I return to the middle after witnessing the end of Katniss’s journey?
I usually don’t reread books unless a long interval takes place–at least five years or more. To Kill a Mockingbird is the exception–then again, I teach that one and is less of a re-read than a re-visit at this point.

But let us turn from Mockingbirds back to Mockingjays:

As I eased the last page over and closed the book and suffer from that post traumatic feeling of “book done” I’m glad I’ve reread Mockingjay. The first time through was a done in a frenzy of page turning, and I missed so much. This time I have faces for the characters having watched the movies and the tangled relationships of Katniss take on a deeper meaning now.

It’s much the same when I revisit Scout —Mary Badham‘s freckled pageboy face is superimposed upon Harper Lee’s Scout, as she bildungsromans her way through childhood and racial injustice, let alone Southern discomforts of the 193os.

Someday I will return once again and reread the third and final adventure of Katniss. Although I definitely appreciated the Hunger Games trilogy, I doubt I will actually become as familiar with it as I have with To Kill a Mockingbird. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a connection between my fondness for these two lit ladies, one a Mockingbird and the other a Mockingjay.

Yes, there is: it’s called A Good Story.

So, Book Boosters–while you are dialed in–any novels or books you reread? Or perhaps revisit?

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12 thoughts on “Revisits and Rereads

  1. “Absalom! Absalom!” and “The Sound and the Fury.” They are part of my psyche at this point.

  2. Happy New Year! As soon as I finish unpacking (I’ve only been moved in for 4 months!) and my books are back out in the open I am sure I will start re-reading many of my books…lately I have been revisiting old childhood books like those by Farley Mowat such as The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be, and Owls in the Family…

    • Farley Mowat–great nature writer. Didn’t Disney do one of his books where he studies wolves?

      • They probably did – Dances with Wolves? Oh no no that was Kevin Costner’s butt… 🙂
        I think they (or someone) did a version of Never Cry Wolf

        The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be would be a better Disney Movie

      • Right–it was Never Cry Wolf. Totally underrated. Very unDisney in content and approach.

      • Oh that was a good guess on my part – I have never seen that movie. Probably in the back of my brain I knew it had been made. I really enjoyed that book when I read it in 1976 🙂 Oh my goodness now I feel old LOL

      • That’s why I’m so reluctant to date happenings. I amaze my students when I tell them I watched the original Star Wars trilogy in the movies. They can’t imagine how I can stand up and talk at the same time if I’m that old!

      • Oh my goodness – how do you stand up at all? 🙂
        Oh wait I saw the original Star Wars in the movies also…and just to be clear originally Han shot first!
        I also think that Starbuck is a MALE Viper pilot from BattleStar Galactica…

      • Now, I’m going to have to trot out and get Star Wars again. I don’t know if I’ll have any takers in my house though. I do like to play a bit when I teach the Odyssey. Luke Skywalker is an epic hero, ya know.

  3. I *Plan on reading the hunger games books.. (*some day) lol…

    I have seen the first 2 movies and loved them – cannot wait to see the third. Once I read the books I will probably have feedback at whatever contrast exists between the two mediums.

    I find myself highlighting and tabbing sections of books that provide strategies for positive thinking, improving our communication and relief of anxiety.. (that’s the non Fiction bundle…

    In terms of fiction, I am such a clutz for historical romances – one primarily written by Johanna Lindsey – that are rich in history and have significant character depth. Argumentative, intelligent women and Brawny, tall and sort of emotionally intelligent, handsome men (at least in my mind)… lol

    At 35 you think I would be over bath books… but still love to love them… (huge collection)

    I also love Martin Cruz and Wilbur Smith… David Eddings has consumed many of my hours too 🙂


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