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How Not To Write Now


Writers, yes you. Why are you reading this post? Wait, don’t go quite yet. While you’re here you might as well avoid that write now feeling a bit longer.

Write now?

Yes, write now. I should be, and you should be writing right now instead of avoidance tactics. Oh yes, they exist. Beats me why I will suddenly germinate 50 + 1 excuses to avoid sitting down and getting down to business. It’s really no excuse that I have excuses because I have plenty of motivation. Look at this incentive list:


  • The novel is almost finished.


  • My writing group likes it.


  • A New York editor critique it favorably.


  • An agent from the same conference asked for sample chapters because she has clients looking for this genre.


  • I still like the manuscript, even after years of research, rewrites, and still more rewrites.


So why avoid writing right now?

I have to eat breakfast and since I’m really craving granola to go with the new lemon vanilla Greek yogurt I just bought I need to make a fresh batch and while I’m waiting for the granola to bake I might as well scrub the stove top, the Faberware pot, the sink, and start the dishwasher. I should check the woodstove–might need a poke or a new log. I should sweep up around the hearth, maybe sweep in general. I’ll get these papers out of the way, wait these are bills–I should sit down and pay these. But first I should check the granola.

Before you tsk at my total lack of discipline I did fire up the laptop with good intentions.


But, you know how it is…


Emails have to be checked, lesson plans filed, the classroom website updated. Check the granola again.

The morning has slipped into early afternoon, which is not my best time of creativity, since I am a morning energy person. I best take a nap and recharge the mental batteries.


Two hours later…


The MEPA brought home a new batch of movies from the library and I haven’t spent much time with him today. He wants to know how the novel is progressing. Right now? Yes, I should write now.




Later that night…


Five chapters roughed in (what revision number is this again?) and I squeezed in a movie. It’s amazing what a little fresh granola can do for the creative muse.


A bowl of granola.

A bowl of granola. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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9 thoughts on “How Not To Write Now

  1. Procrastination is my middle name. Great post!

  2. Hilarious post. I am not writer myself (I lost these pretensions long ago) but the feeling currently is exactly the same – I am rather reading other bloggers’ posts than performing the tasks I promised myself I will do this morning (that’s already gone by now 🙂

  3. Yes, ma’am. I’ll go off and write something in a minute. Or two…. I just want to craft the concept in my head so I write right. Right?

  4. I am in a public place where people think I am writing “The Great American Novel” but I am actually writing a list of lists (!) and blog posts to write… after a quick game of Bookworm. In the book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield calls this “Resistance”.

    Thanks for this great post! 🙂

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