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This week seems to be biblio week.  I’ve read a couple of different posts about loving books, but then that doesn’t seem too unusual when most of my post follows involve following other book lovers. Additionally, this week marks the 60th member join for the Book Boosters.  Say a “Hey! and Yay!” for  Radical Hope. Not a Book Booster yet? Well, if you fit these stringent requirements you should consider signing up:

  • Do you love books?
  • Do you have favorites you read, recommend, and even re-read?
  • Are you a frequent flyer at the local library?
  • Are you an on-line regular of book sites, be they promoting to buy, review, or boast books?
  • Perchance you operate on a need to read basis–you have to have a book in hand, by the bed, stashed in the car, or have one nestled in the backpack.

You then, my friend, are a Book Booster. And you are in good company. Request for your name to the list and then welcome to the shelf of those who appreciate and advance the cause of books. No dues, no newsletters, but I am working on a secret handshake.

Continuing on the theme of celebrating biblio-ing, here are some borrows form other book-toting bloggers:

Here are some pithy comments from Geeky Book Snob concerning things that book lovers dislike hearing:

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And if you aren’t totally clear on what constitutes biblio-ing then take a look at Cassie’s list, and then check out the rest of her post, because it’s a stunner of stream-of-consciousness:

Types of bookishness...and anti-bookishness

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3 thoughts on “Biblio-ing

  1. Oh that list IS terrible! I can’t decide which is worse – I hate to read or I lost the book you lent me! Argh! 🙂

  2. You are an excellent Bibliographe. Although I believe I almost came close to becoming a Bibliolestes. Great post!

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