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Ten Sites for Book Lovers

It’s time to contribute my own top ten list. Of course it’s related to books!

1. NY Times: what books are top sellers?

2. GoodReads: a community of like-minded bibliophiles where we share, compare, review, and discuss the books we read. I most appreciate the site for its book list feature.  I have been able to track down books I’ve read since childhood.  This has solved many of those “What was the name of that book?” questions.  Another feature I use is to bring up similar lists of interests when I am shopping for another read.

3.Wikipedia : ssh, don’t tell my students, but I refer to Wikipedia to get background information on authors and their works. I often get behind the scenes info and author history that helps me better understand and appreciate what I am reading, plus there are external links to adaptations (gotta see the flick after reading the book).

4. Book Crossing: this site proves the saying, “If you love something you will let it go.” The concept is to register a book with the site and then attach the registration marker in a book. And then…leave it.  The idea is someone will pick it up, go to the site, plug in the registration number, leave a few words about the book, and it’s hoped they will leave it for someone else. If you have ever come across the “Where’s George?” stamped on a dollar you have discovered the serendipty of the moment.  Who else has read this book? What travels has it seen?

5. Shmoop : looking for summary, theme, symbolism, the why-should-I-care factor for reading your book? This is the site.  Witty literary analysis provided by PhD students and other smarties, helps shed a flashlight on those hard to fathom passages.

6. Bookspot: what books have earned awards?

7. The Gutenberg Project: a  digital library with over 42,000 full texts of public domain books.

8. Amazon: buy your book right here. I often rely on it as a means for finding authors and their books, and similar subjects.

9. Overbooked: Overbooked’s mission is to provide timely information about  fiction (all genres) and readable nonfiction for ravenous and omnivorous readers (from the site).

10.  Bibliomania: reading and study guides galore and then some

Other recommendations:

Ellyssa Kroski created a worthwhile list of her own: 10 Websites for Book Lovers

Laura DeLeon provides a list of free book reads:  Web Reading 

Saratoga Springs Library:  Websites for Readers 

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8 thoughts on “Ten Sites for Book Lovers

  1. Thanks for writing this post. I’ve never heard of some of the sites, like Overbooked and Bookspot. I will need to check them out. I love Goodreads and Bookcrossing. I’ve been very active on both sites for years. I also always post reviews on Amazon. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am becoming addicted to book sites. Some are interesting, others instructive, and a couple only worth a quick glance, yet all feed my interest in what is out there to read and who is writing it. Thanks for stopping by!

      • If anything, I am often overwhelmed by all the books that I want to read! My Amazon wishlist is really, really long… It’s a good problem to have though!

  2. wiltedleaf on said:

    I really like the Gutenberg Project! I had never heard of #4-6 and will check ’em out. Thanks for this list!

  3. geekybooksnob on said:

    I love The Gutenberg Project!

  4. Thanks so much for this! I found you on blognation and I love your site! I just started a job in the book industry and have been looking for the best resources for booklovers. There are a couple here I hadn’t heard of!

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