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The Measure of Significance

Birthdays, diplomas, penciled increments on the door jamb, even odometer rollovers. These are all measures of significance. Certain birthdays hold more meaning than others. You probably remember your 21st birthday more than your 20th. Graduating from high school no doubt was more memorable than sixth. Finally marking off that coveted inch or two on the door frame meant the fulfillment of growth status. And who doesn’t thrill to see the odometer ceremoniously roll over to 100,000 miles?

Significance gets celebrated with cards, cupcakes, and hearty congratulations.  Milestones are meaningful; they create memories, kinship, and bonding.  I’m not much of a sentimentalist, and even my family jokes about my prickly practicableness, yet they don’t even know that some milestones in my life have more carryover than others.

For instance:

  • locks of hair from first haircuts
  • florist cards
  • child art
  • check stubs
  • fifth grade teacher praise

And now I have a new one:


This is my 200th blog post

(Well, I’m kinda excited about that…)


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7 thoughts on “The Measure of Significance

  1. Elise on said:


  2. Many congrats, a monumental milestone indeed. Here’s looking to 500!

  3. I’m so impressed. Seeing as I have about 14, I think you have hit a remarkable milestone!

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