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Playing Around with Words

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The Script Frenzy logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing is what I do.  I teach it. I read it. I aspire to it.  I’ve tried all forms of writing: picture books, poetry, novels (middle readers, YA, adult), non-fiction (essays, informational, reviews), oh yeah–blogs.  My latest foray into wordsmithing is plays.  I gave up on screenplays since the format and competition didn’t work for me.  Then I switched to stage plays.  Oooh, I do very much like them.  NaNoWriMo used to run Script Frenzy, a spring version of novel writing in a month that involved writing a play in 30 days.  I tried it and definitely find a new niche.

Even though Script Frenzy retired, I got inspired. So far I have created a contemporary version of Julius Caesar and the school’s drama teacher showed interest in it, as did one of my students who called the role of Anthony.  I’ll keep you posted of the world premiere. I also morphed Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland, mixing in a bit Wizard of Oz. It’s definitely a work in progress, as they say.

Since screenplays didn’t pan out for me, I am converting them into stageplays.  I hope to dive into my languishing pile of manuscripts and toss them around in my Celtx program and see if they Presto! into plays.

Gosh! I  love writing!  There is such a variety and formats to try out and play with.  It’s like dress up with words.

Any of you try out a new writing form with success?

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9 thoughts on “Playing Around with Words

  1. I was going to say Good Luck, but you don’t need luck as you have such talent.

  2. You area a multitalented, multitasker. Me? I started with novels and stayed with novels. Very boring!

  3. I love the idea of Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland and a bit Wizard of Oz! You are such a good writer and I always look forward to your posts – keep dressing up 🙂

  4. Whatever you’re trying, I hope you know which is which! My short stories always turn into novels, thankfully, the reverse is starting to happen.

  5. I love your idea of a Hamlet/Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz mash-up! That would be a great live performance to see!

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