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The Secret is Out: Happiness Happens

As I browsed through the newest Costco Connection I found on the Member Connection page an article about Happiness Happens.  The Secret Society of Happy People proclaims August as “Happiness Happens Month” with August 8th as “Happiness Happens Day.”

Pamela Johnson kicked off this organization as a response to how people tend to talk about misery more than the happiness in their life.  So far there are more than 21,000 members in over 30 countries.  Johnson is quoted in the article as saying, “Happiness happens and when it does, embrace it.”

Big hugs for happiness!  Get ready to embrace the day and some happiness throughout August (but I say why stop with August–make it a year round celebration) and gear up big time on Wednesday the 8th.   For ideas on how to celebrate check out the website.

The Secret Society of Happy People says there are 31 types of happiness. Really?  I would think there are more.  Can we come up with other happiness types? I nominate Serendipity.

31 new1 31 Types of Happiness

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2 thoughts on “The Secret is Out: Happiness Happens

  1. Can’t believe they missed out serendipity…
    Victory (something to do with achievements)?? Nostalgia??

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