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Have you hugged a librarian lately?

Well, National Library Week is about done

To end it out, let’s have some fun.

Click on the link for a Famous First Lines quiz.

Have no worries–Book Boosters are a literary whiz.

Famous First Lines

(Rats, I missed three)

Drop a line why you love your library…

Happy Pages,


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8 thoughts on “Have you hugged a librarian lately?

  1. I love my library because I don’t have room in my house for all the books I love . . . and they hired me and pay my mortgage and health insurance. 🙂

  2. i ❤ my library because they carry my favorite form of escape…BOOKS!!
    nice blog :~D)

  3. Not even figuratively?

  4. I haven’t hugged a librarian in a long-time. Not since I was in a relationship with one. I was hemming and hawing about signing out a book and she blurted out “check me out already!”. She stammered and “I meant check the book out already.” I didn’t check out the book – but I did follow the first suggestion! Thanks for the post – and invoking my own special memory of librarians (and her name was not Marian!)

  5. I sure didn’t expect this as a response. Priceless. Thanks for the smile you provided. 🙂
    Happy Pages,
    Cricket Muse

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