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Of Verses, Lines, and Rhymes

April is definitely a busy month.  What with taxes, Easter, spring break, Script Frenzy, and watching for daffodils (because then I know spring has finally arrived) there is a lot to do.  Somehow I get around to celebrating poetry by gathering together various poem activities and presenting them to my students.  And I try to get a couple of new poems flowing out of the winter attic.

As for NPM there is a lot of ground to cover. Got a question?  Here are some answers:

National Poetry Month FAQ
  1. What is National Poetry Month?
  2. Who started it?
  3. When is National Poetry Month?
  4. Why was April chosen for National Poetry Month?
  5. What are the goals of National Poetry Month?
  6. Shouldn’t we celebrate poetry all year round, not just in April?
  7. How does the Academy celebrate National Poetry Month?
  8. Do organizations need permission to participate?
  9. What can I do to celebrate NPM?
  10. How can teachers become more involved?
  11. How can librarians become more involved?
  12. How can booksellers become more involved?
  13. Does it cost anything to celebrate National Poetry Month?
  14. Can other organizations use the NPM logo?
  15. Do I need permission to use the NPM logo?
  16. How can I obtain a copy of the National Poetry Month poster?
  17. How can I support National Poetry Month?

Also, here are some really fun poetry videos to celebrate the diversity of poetry:

Adorable kid who loves poetry, reciting Billy Collins “Litany.  I’m inspired to memorize.

And if you want the real deal–here’s Billy Collins, himself.  I love how he pokes fun at the perceived seriousness of poetry.  I think he and Billy Shakespeare would have had a great friendship.

If you haven’t ever experienced Taylor Mali‘s poetry I hope you will be as enthralled with his tribute to teachers (because he is one) as I am:

April definitely is beautiful…

Blue Skies,


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