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Fave Movies About Writers or the Writing Life

 All about Beatrix Potter–enchanting tale of the Peter Rabbit lady

Emma Thompson as a writer and Will Ferrell as her character–funny and poignant        

 Sean Connery as a type of J.D. Salinger writer–never tire of this one

C.S. Lewis–the man beyond Narnia

 An inspiring TRUE (based on) account of how writing can change lives

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4 thoughts on “Fave Movies About Writers or the Writing Life

  1. Freedom Fighters is an awesome movie. I enjoyed the others as well.

  2. carolinareti on said:

    I absolutely love both “Miss Potter” and “Freedom Writers”. I know they’re both completely different from each other, but each has there own thing to offer, as do writers themselves. Loving your blog, thanks for liking one of my posts 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by. “Miss Potter” definitely remains one of my favorite. I love how she persevered, even when her own family didn’t support her endeavors.

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