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Paper Angels

Paper Angels by Billy Coffey

Not everyone who wishes on a star gets an angel.  Andy Sommerville does though.  Childhood tragedy has Andy wishing, praying underneath the stars for an angel to come and watch over him.  When the star winks, The Old Man appears, and stays with Andy throughout his life.  As Andy matures into adulthood he begins to view The Old Man as a blessing and a curse, since no one else can see him but Andy, and people, especially prospective girlfriends aren’t always receptive and open to men who talk to themselves.  The Old Man stays with Andy up until he needs him most.  A senseless crime puts Andy in the hospital and Andy struggles with the aftermath of the tragedy.  He can’t believe The Old Man is leaving him, yet he says God has sent Elizabeth to take his place.  Can Elizabeth help Andy sort out his life?  Will she have the answers to his questions?

Ambiguity.  There is something about a story that leaves us wondering, that makes it become a standout.  Think back to your high school English class and when I drop “The Most Dangerous Game,” “The Sound of Thunder,” “The Interlopers,” and of course, “The Lady or the Tiger,” into your memory chute, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Billy Coffey stretches out Andy’s story, and leaves the reader blinking and thinking a bit at the end, wondering if the ending is really what it is supposed to be.  As for me, I’m content to believe there are angels, aren’t you?

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2 thoughts on “Paper Angels

  1. I look forward to reading this book! Great review that will have me looking for Angels in the story, no doubt, but I like stories that don’t always end ‘cleanly.’ I enjoy it when an author allows me to feel my way through the story and lets me weave my own version of the ending.

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