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Oops, on my anniversary

WordPress recently reminded me of my one year anniversary.  Oops. Time swiftly flies when having so much fun?  I didn’t acknowledge the anniversary with a card or make dinner reservations or even buy flowers.  And yet, my life has been enhanced by this relationship. I know my writing has improved, I’ve met an amazing array of people, I’ve been enlightened, amused, astounded, and decidedly enriched through my WordPress endeavour.  Here are some highlights so far:

  • first post on January 5th (I guess I took a bit between registering and actually posting)
  • Ordinary Days was my first blog offering (EagleEyed Editor commented and we have been happily exchanging commentaries since then.  Shout out to 3E!)
  • 128 posts so far
  • 4 pages
  • 44 categories
  • 430 tags (I have never really gotten the whole category/tag designation thing–open to clarification)
  • best day ever consisted of 86 views on March 17th and the post concerned itself with bookcases

But stats are rather dry.  It’d be like saying: “During our marriage I’ve cooked over 15,000 meals, washed the windows over 250 times, made the bed at least 565 times, and rearranged the living room at least 17 times.”  Of course these stats are bogus because who keeps track of that kind of stuff?  I do find it fascinating that WordPress keeps stats and sometimes I wander around them finding out what countries have visited, what posts have earned the most looks, and who is making the most comments.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have someone keep stats on our everyday doings like that?  Or not–

That reminds me of the opening  scene fromStranger Than FictionI don’t think Harold enjoyed having his life tracked in such a manner. Actually, I don’t think I would like it either.

After a year, especially moving into a new year, I should become reflective and resolutionated.  Nah.  That’s smacks of banal and boring.  I will offer the following on the evolution of this blog:

  • I felt I needed to create a blog since so many writing articles pounded the importance of establishing a platform.  I saw it as a “Build it and the agents will discover you.”  Didn’t that work for Julie of Julie and Julia?
    Cover of "Julie & Julia"

    Cover of Julie & Julia

    If you are an agent I am open to talking about that multi-media package of book, movie, and video game.

  • The original intent of my blog was to read books, review them, and address how the book helped me as a writer.  I still do that; however, after a few of these entries I decided to spice things up with different book related entries.  I’m still promoting my journey as a writer as a reader through my posts–I’m a bit more eclectic in my approach now.  After all, I don’t eat the same breakfast every morning.
  • I’m still learning how to blog.  I just discovered the kitchen sink widget.  Thank goodness I’ve located the undo button.  Colors are fun to write in as well.
  • Not content with one blog, I have developed another blog, Veranano, which was a vehicle for my 2012 NaNoWriMo entry.  I didn’t have the heart to disengage Vera once the novel project was completed so I am continuing her entries.  Thinking like a creative fifteen year old who has a singular outlook and variant lifestyle (did I mention her parents are professional writers?) is a stretch for me.  It’s been a while since I’ve been fifteen and she no way represents much of the way I lived life as a teen.  Two blogs with two different directions is a stretch and when I’m writing like Vera I feel a tad schizzy around the edges.
  • My Book Boosters page doesn’t rage up into the hundreds of committed bibliomaniacs as I had initially thought.  On the other hand, I’ve not aggressively promoted it either.  Serendipity signer-uppers has been a pleasant way of gaining growth.  Oh, here’s my chance:  Are you a Book Booster yet?  No? I will gladly sign you up and you will enjoy the benefits of finding yourself on the page with other BBers.  No dues, no annual meetings or conferences.  I’m still working on the secret handshake.

So–thanks to all those 153 followers who’ve made this year memorable.

Oh, and WordPress?  Freshly Pressed?  I wouldn’t mind.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Happy New Year and keep on Pressing,

Blue Skies,


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