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The Wanders of Spillchick

Various flavours of gelato

Various flavours of gelato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second Friday of the new school new year.  And I’m  heading downtown for a gelato–not because I need the endorphin boost, it’s cause for celebration.  It’s basically two weeks into the new year and I’ve decided I still like teaching, even though I have five sections of freshmen instead of the usually two or three.

One thing that does amaze me is the first batch of papers I receive from my freshies.  I encourage them to type because 1) it’s easier to read and 2) they can plug in spell-check and grammar-check.  But do they?  Mmmm, not really.

Here are some true-life examples.

* Names have been withheld in case my students have figured out this is my blog and I end up as a Yahoo News item blurb.

Some of the activities I like do out side of school are skiing, golf, and lacrosse.

My biggest influence would be my dad. He has Ben that for years!

So I would have to say my favorite subject is Band or Jazz Band, it in cooperates gratis faction and challenges.

Shakespeare influenced me because of this plays, it helps me know that even people who started out as regular people can make history.

I don’t want to pick on them too much because I know they are still learning. And I know I make mistakes as well.  My AP students caught this doozy the other day.

Typing is NOT an option. Times Standard or Ariel, 12 font.

Okay, I meant “is not optional”–they gave me the sidewise eye on that one. (“You mean you don’t want the essays typed?”)

Here is the revision: “Typing is NOT an optional.”

Yes, it’s Friday. I need a gelato.

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