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(Guinea) Pigging Out on Turkey Day

English: Saying grace before carving the turke...

English: Saying grace before carving the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner in the home of Earle Landis in Neffsville, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m alone with my pie baking and other preparations for T-day.  I’ve cleaned the house, rearranged furniture, and managed to plunk down another NaNoWriMo post.  My MEPA has proven his value once again by doing the honors of entertaining the tribe so I can cook, bake, and relax a tad before celebrating our favorite holiday with our loved ones.  I really need to see about giving him a bonus.  For now he works for Bit-a-Honey and an ocassional dinner out.  I’ve got a good thing going for sure.

My NaNo protag is babysitting the neighbor’s guinea pig over the long weekend.  Vera is not sure what her family is doing for Thanksgiving.  It’s usually at her Grandmother’s, but she’s sure something is up.  I really don’t know what’s going on either.  Somehow I type and the story begins spilling out.  I don’t always know what direction it’s going to go in.  NaNo-ing is a very different way to write: don’t plot, don’t plan, just write.  We’ll all find out tomorrow what Vera ended up doing for T-day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving–my favorite holiday, all in all.  I think I like it better than my birthday, and that’s saying something.

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