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Farewell to Ray Bradbury

cover by Tom Canty of a reprint edition

Photo of Ray Bradbury.
Photo of Ray Bradbury. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ray Bradbury. I discovered him back in college, maybe even in high school.  I devoured his books and reread Dandelion Wine, always wondering why it hasn’t transferred to film like so many of his other stories.  His stories and books are part of my teaching curriculum.  His effortless way with imagery and metaphor are sterling examples I held up to my students as exemplars.  I show his Ray Bradbury Theater episodes in Creative Writing, Freshmen English, Sophomore English, and plan to study his Farenheit 51 in AP Senior English.  I have savored the notion Bradbury has  somewhat been a co-teacher in my classroom. 

Ray Bradbury was and is a favorite author, not so much for his outstanding stories, but for his youthful outlook.  After showing some of his interview clips to students they appreciated his writing that much more.  “He’s a pretty cool guy.” High praise from a fifteen year old.

So, this is farewell, for now, Ray.  Your books and stories, dreams, and innovations and imagination will live on in your words.

Ray Bradbury

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