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Word Nerd: April

No fooling, April is a great month for word possibilities, with obvious choices being spring and Easter.

One way I cope with “screen scream,” the way my brain is bursting after intently dealing with webinars, on-line schooling needs, e-mail catch up, and so forth, is to either read a book or plug into a PBS Nature episode.

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Rabbits can swim!

When I saw the new Nature episode title: Remarkable Rabbits, I couldn’t resist. It was all about rabbits and hares. There is a difference, and it even went into the expression “crazy as a March hare” or at least provided a plausible explanation. As complete as the show appeared to be, it did not explain why we say “bunny” when referring to rabbits.

Aha, my sources at explain it quite well: bunny epiphany.

There is even enlightenment about “coney” and why the only coney in use is associated with Coney Island.

Doubt rabbits or bunnies are to be found hare.

I hope you will hop around to the links provided and discover that rabbits are truly remarkable.

This wascally wabbit knows how remarkable he is…

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