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A Dearth of Birds

Our once busy front yard bird feeder has grown silent. Usually there is a mix of winter residents such as nuthatches, chickadees, and other feathered friends who visit. Not this year.

Starting late summer we noticed decreased bird activity. Daily sightings dwindled until only ground feeders like the doves would appear. There was a flurry of pine siskins at one point but they are long gone.

We have missed our birds and are perplexed by their disappearance. Research shows bird traffic in some areas has diminished. Are birds deciding to isolate as well?

My solution? A faux bird. It permanently perches at the feeder and almost fools me that our birdie friends are somewhere out there.

Happy is the bird the bird that perches in wait of friends and feed

Anyone else missing their usual mix of backyard birds?

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