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Word Nerd Confessions: November

Fall has officially set up its presence. The aspen, birch, and maple trees disrobed within a week’s span with the help of couple of brisk windstorms. Temperatures hover around freezing, and the sun offers minimal light with little warmth and disappears shortly around 4 pm. The preparation for winter is underway. The Hubs threatens to put on the snow tires since black ice is fact of life not to be ignored. I understand his concern, but snow tires seems to invite or acknowledge snow. We already had a flurry of snow that had the grace to be embarrassed enough by its early arrival and leave by the next afternoon.

This month’s words reflect my ambivalence towards fall: do I mourn the passing of summer or prepare for winter with my usual reluctance? Or do I just accept it knowing spring is not that far away?

So–how do you feel about fall?

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10 thoughts on “Word Nerd Confessions: November

  1. I’m ready to say “toodle-oo” to this year and move on to something even more productive!

  2. I have a story character who says “Toodles” and smiled when I came across the word. It’s legit, after all!

  3. I knew most of these; now I feel smart. 🙂

    And it’s so mentally stimulating to read these. Thank you.

  4. I love the crepitate sound of a fire in the hearth on a cold evening but I do not do snow! That is why I live in Texas! We may see that evil stuff for a minute but fortunately it doesn’t stay around long. Happy Thanksgiving Cricketmuse! ❤

  5. I think I need to clue my son into your blog. He’s a word-aholic.

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