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Soon, Moon, June, Tune

Soon school will be out

With that info let me shout:

“I’m over the moon with relief”

June 10th ushers in vacation–no more grading grief

I shall once again be in tune with my inner reader.

Lying in bed reflecting upon this last week of school that has finally arrived, I can say with conviction that I survived the year with more energy that I thought I would have. I woulc provide the gory details through a post highlighting my moments of frustration but why would I want to end on a note of downerism? 

Instead, here are the upsides of my second year of teaching all seniors the joys of British/World Literature:

  1. They understand better why Shakespeare remains a presence in our world. Through Taming of the Shrew, Othello, and Hamlet, they learned that human interactions and issues haven’t changed much in 400 years. 
  2.  The discovered all kinds of heroes exist, not just ones romping around in Spandex on the screen. 
  3. The realization that a popular movie franchise such as as Pirates of the Caribbean is based on an old poem called The Rime of the Ancient Mariner truly surprised them.
  4. They learned the cool and influential factor of queens Elizabeth and Victoria upon culture.
  5. And though it be a truth universally acknowledged, they now know more than they did before they first walked in my classroom door.

Yes, soon and moon and June and tune–school is almost out.

[Looking forward to more uninterrupted reading time–grading really cramps my Reading Challenge goal of 101 books by December as I’m only at 40% progress]

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11 thoughts on “Soon, Moon, June, Tune

  1. It is funny how much we adults are affected when it comes to the kids being out of school, whether your a teacher or parent or both. Kinda hard to tell who is more excited about the break, us or them. Here is to a wonderful summer of reading!

  2. Love it. Gluten-free literacy.

  3. Well, my friend, you have earned a long summer break (as well as a some single-minded devotion to cow-related humor).

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