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POM: April 14

I still adore Bugs Bunny cartoons. The physics of cartoon logic is so irrationally funny. Why does Wile E. Coyote never manage to figure out ACME products are designed to harm, not help him in his goal to catch the Roadrunner?

Today’s poem by Nick Flynn addresses that very issue:

 "At ten we are still learning

the rules of cartoon animation,

that if a man draws a door on a rock
only he can pass through it.
Anyone else who tries

will crash into the rock." 

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4 thoughts on “POM: April 14

  1. You can’t beat the classics although scientists have proved that unless a banana skin has rotted sufficiently, you can’t slip on it. So not only is my childhood ruined but they are frittering away money rather than doing something useful, sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to.

  2. I love those cartoons! I can watch them anytime.

    I actually used these cartoon characters to write about how to build characters inside a story – sort of writing lesson.

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