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Teacher Meme of Meaning

Confession: I’ve been in my classroom here and there throughout August, making copies, organizing my room, straightening up lesson plans. At most one or two other staff cars are in the lot. It’s sunny, summer is beginning it’s farewell (leaves are turning red!) so I should be playing outside, and I’m putzing around in my classroom. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m either crazy or devoted to teaching. Probably both. That’s why I had to share this meme. It’s so true, that I have no other comment.


Yup, pretty much sums it all up. image from

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2 thoughts on “Teacher Meme of Meaning

  1. This is wonderful. I think I’ve mentioned I come from a family of teachers. I’m sure they would all agree with this!

  2. This is so spot on, I must share it on FB. If I can figure out how to do that….

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