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Fantastical Realms 

I shall always harbor a bit of fascination for worlds of make believe; however, my reading choices sometimes perplexes my family. It’s as if I’m not willing to accept this present planet, or my head is in the clouds, or maybe I just refuse to grow up. Most of my reading is solid enough with my Austen-like tendencies towards classics.  I do like a dip into fantasy from time to time. 

Though it’s been awhile, I do relish a really fun fantasy, one without the usual overindulgence in magic, drugs, sex, and rock n roll. Yes, I am that discerning. Picky is acceptable, but I prefer discerning.

C.S. Lewis and his Narnia series remains a favorite, and I look forward to passing my Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe on to the grandkiddo when the appropriate time arrives. I was introduced to the series in high school and found Perelanda in college.

One childhood remembrance is Wrinkle in Time, although I really need to finish the series because I recently discovered there was more beyond the first one, just as I realized there was more to The Giver. These two fall more closely into science fiction. Lately, I haven’t find a (grown up)novel that features a world that is relatively different enough for my particular tastes in fantasy.

My search for fantastical realms is hit or miss. I have developed a penchant for Jasper Fforde and his Thursday Next series, but didn’t care much for his Nursery Crimes books. His Last Dragonslayer series is quite engaging, and I am patiently awaiting the sequel to his Grey series (*amended title do to that other “gray” book out there–one of the prodigy was duly shocked upon seeing the cover thinking I had grievously lapsed in my usual conservative reading selection).


image: wikipedia

I haven’t been too impressed with Terry Pratchett’s Disc World, although I understand it’s a matter of finding the right one. I did enjoy the Going Postal film adaptation.

I have yet to really give Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker series a dedicated run. I might have to be satisfied with the movie instead.

Just recently I gave Walter Boer a try. Not knowing exactly where to start I began with The City of Dreaming Books, which turns out to be #4 in the series, but it actually stood well on its own. His books, from what other reviewers are saying, tend to  be large in scope, pagewise and content. I had a difficult time warming up to a lizardish dinosaur for a protagonist, though there were moments of appreciation for a creature desirous of becoming a great author.

image: amazon

Any other fantasical readers out there? What am I missing that I should look up?

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5 thoughts on “Fantastical Realms 

  1. One book series with a fantastical element that I’ve gotten right into recently, is the ‘P.C. Grant’ series by Ben Aaronovitch. It’s basically about this police constable in London who is also an apprentice wizard. He’s on a special branch of the police that deals only in magical crimes, but it’s all very secretive. It really fuels my love of reading about magic and solving mysteries – together it’s pretty awesome.

  2. A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite book! I usually gift that for baby showers. Not on the registry, but I don’t care. It rocks! 😉

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