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Bookish Boosterings: Perfect Gifts

When it comes to pondering presents it becomes clear books are pretty much perfect.
1. There is something for everyone. Pick a subject, any subject–there’s a book out there waiting to be read.
2. Size is never a problem. Books come in all sizes, all shapes–one size can, in fact, fit all.
3. No assembly required. Simply turn page and open mind. Batteries not included and not necessary.
4. It’s fun shopping for them. Have you noticed how relatively calm bookstores are, at least compared to other stores? Everyone is quietly selecting, contemplating, reflecting–aah. No carts to maneuver around either.
5. Obviously used can be considered a bonus factor. Books carry the distinguishing aspect of appreciative value if previously owned, such as first editions, special issues, heirloom copies. Regifting a book means passing on the enjoyment baton.
6. There’s a type for every perference: paper, audio, e-reader–no problem.
7. Ease of presentation. Books are incredibly easy to wrap and always look so tidy and inviting with their linearliness.
8. They wear well over the years. Slip them on the shelve with an occasional dust and they remain good as new ever so long.
8. As a present, they have presence. When sharing with others what presents were received? Books get that nod of approval.
9. They are undemanding. No watering, no washing, no renewing, no parts to replace. Perfect.
10. Best of all, they are non-fattening and non-allergenic.

Like I said–perfect gifts. And not just for Christmas.

As the kinder arrive, and we enjoy a house full of family for the holidays, I wish everyone the joy, wonder and blessings of this joyous season!

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12 thoughts on “Bookish Boosterings: Perfect Gifts

  1. Great list! This Christmas I’ve been wrapping a lot of books (of course!) and I’m loving how easy they are to wrap, among other wonderful things 🙂

  2. oh, you are so right about bookstores being calmer places during the holidays. will definitely have to make one my break time today as i make a mad dash for last minute things – any excuse really to buy more books!

  3. Did I not already love the book, I would certainly be sold now. Have a fantastic Christmas and a gret new years.

  4. just stopping by to say, thanks for having a great blog and being one of my favorite new bloggy pals. happy 2015 to you!

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