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Author Snapshot Update: Jasper Fforde

I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed my appreciation for Jasper Fforde from time to time. He’s right up there with Douglas Adams in literary wit and as for style? I’m not sure who comes close to his genre-tweaking way of getting his point across. Playful, knowledgeable, and quite entertaining.

I was introduced to Jasper Fforde by a librarian who knew I taught Brit Lit. “You will definitely enjoy him.” Of course, with those words I felt a)obligated to try him out b)a bit hesitant–whenever someone tells me I will like something I inevitably don’t. Happens to you as well? Must be that human nature thing.

The first in the series. I do adore Jane Eyre. I’m drawn to capable women protagonists. I relish clever wordplay. And I’m hoping Thursday Next will become a series.

I didn’t care as much for the Nursery Grimes series. I also felt Mother Goose a bit grisly for my tastes, same for Grimm fairy tales. I waited for another Fforde to interest me.

Then I picked up his , which I started reading about the same as that other Grey novel came out. I shocked one of the progeny when he happened to see the title upon first glance. “Mother!”

After reassurances, accompanied by a quick summary, my son’s relief became evident when he learned the plot involved dystopian ideology based on quirkiness. He understood it to be my kind of book after all.

While fretfully awaiting the next in the series, Fforde pulls a fast one and comes out with another series The Last of the Dragonslayers. Although aimed at YA readers, I’m thinking it is really Thursday Next vacationing as a sixteen year old foundling who is coping with dysfunctional magicians.

First oneDragonslayer Book cover        Last Dragonslayer cover just read this one and now awaiting this one…

Eye of Zoltar coverIf you haven’t come across Jasper Fforde and you do appreciate a writer who wittily pokes fun at politics, literature, and popular culture, you might want to try one of his series.

Plus, it’s difficult to resist a writer who appreciates Volkswagen Beetles like I do. They are the car of choice. I came soooo close to spending my inheritance check on a bright red convertible Bug. Caving into family concerns who convinced me into buying something more sensible (I don’t regret my choice of buying a Honda Civic) I now live vicariously through heroines who drive VW Bugs as they dash about taxiing futzy magicians to and fro.

I’m still waiting for my next installment of Shades of Grey…ahem…

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8 thoughts on “Author Snapshot Update: Jasper Fforde

  1. Hmmmm. I’m not sure he’s for me. Although they do sound entertaining. Must consult my priority pile…..

  2. I’ve never heard of this guy and am intrigued by these books. (I am also intrigued by a fellow who has a name that begins with two “F”s.)

    Gonna give Dragonslayer a whirl.

  3. I’ve only read Shades of Grey so far but absolutely loved it! I have The Eyre Affair on my TBR and I’m sure I’ll love it too, but Shades of Grey had such an interesting concept that it really made me crave more. I’m with you – patiently waiting for the next in the series, but at least I know there’s plenty out there to discover first. You obviously love writing a variety of things Mr Fforde, but if you set your sights on the next in this series instead of inventing another new one I’m sure a lot of fangirls and fanguys out there will be very grateful – there may even be cookies 🙂

  4. I adore his books! I loved the Thursday Next books. I haven’t delved into his other series though but I’ve been wanting to try the Shades of Grey series though. He’s one of those authors that always make me feel both proud and humbled at my literary knowledge with all his references.

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