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Of Entry Deadlines Whooshing By

Scrolling through my iPhone notes, I came across a bit of writing that I had good intentions of entering into a writing contest. Oops. That Vonnegut deadline whoosh went by me, but I like the piece so much I couldn’t resist sharing it. The contest required the telling of a story in dialogue only, without any tags. Challenge accepted, just not actualized. Here goes:
“Do you need some help?”
“Seems I’ve twisted my ankle.I’ll be all right. My friends are returning with the car.”
“I’m going in that direction. I’ll take you to when you’re staying.”
“That’s all right. They should be along shortly.”
“Those clouds indicate a change in the weather.”
“Yes, I think you’re right. Are you sure it’s no trouble?”
“None at all.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“You’re welcome. You’re American?”
“Yes, I’m visiting with friends. We’re on a hiking tour.”
“Yes, I’ve often hiked this area. You must have stepped in a rabbit hole.”
“Probably so. This is a bit awkward. I don’t quite know what to say.”
“Ah, we are addressing the elephant after all, then.”
“Oh, right. Yes, well…”
“I’m on holiday. There is no obligation.”
“Courtesy and good manners at least.
“And they say Americans are rude.”
“Not always.”
“How is the ankle?”
“Truthfully, I’ve forgotten about it. It doesn’t look like a bad sprain. I’ll recover.”
“Ice and elevation. I’m no physician, but I’ve dealt with a few twisted ankles. The men folk do their fair share of traipsing these hills on their hunts. Do you hunt?”
“Only with my camera.
“Much preferable, though I still appreciate the hunt. Tradition. It’s difficult to get away from tradition.”
“That’s my group. Up ahead, yes, over there by those trees. Looks like they’ve stopped for lunch.”
“Are you up to walking? I can set you closer to your camp.”
“Yes, well. The ankle is still a bit tender.”
“Then it’s best I drive you to your camp.”
“Only if it wouldn’t be an inconvenience. Thank you. That would be appreciated.”
“Is that it, by those cars?”
“Yes. Well, thank you once again.”
“Enjoy your stay and I hope you have a full recovery.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty.”




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One thought on “Of Entry Deadlines Whooshing By

  1. That was VERY amusing 🙂

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