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Stacking the Odds



Now and then I try to squeeze in volunteer time at the library by shelving a cart or two of books.  Having worked at a couple of libraries I can do the Dewey sufficiently well.  In the future I should remember that the reason the non-fiction juvenile cart is up for grabs is because it takes a loooong time to do. I will have to say that it does involve quite a bit of aerobics stretching from whales to the Star Wars cookbook.

Besides the getting some calisthenics in and helping out the library, I volunteer shelve because I find all sorts of treasures for myself. And because I am on my own clock now I don’t suffer the guilt (and rebuke from my supervisor and coworkers) when browsing. Okay, I do feel a little bit of guilt.

Here  are some of the treasures I’ve discovered:


The Good, the Bad, the Barbie by Tanya Lee Stone
Being a Boomer girl I had quite the Barbie collection. I even had the one in the zebra one piece. Had Midge, Skipper, Ken complete with a kitchen set and canopy bedroom ensemble. Oh, yes, I do wish I still had them. No, not because I’m a Barbie fan, but I’m sure my retirement account would have been a bit healthier because there are LOTS of Barbie fans out there.

Lincoln Lawyer (this was a series before the movie!)

Limitless–having watched the movie I was intrigued enough to read the book. Go with the movie.

Monk? based on the series? How could a book do him justice?

Deadly Pursuit–a Christian thriller mystery? I’m game. Toss it on the TBR list.

I also made some observations:

If I look like I know what I’m doing people will think I do know something. I felt really, really good about helping a patron find a book she wanted. We didn’t find it but I gave her information how to place a hold or a search for the title.

I had no idea how prolific Christie, Cussler, Jance, Patterson are as authors until faced with trying to alphabetize their numerous titles. SIDENOTE: I found out it’s okay to get the titles in place by author (you know how that’s dratted patrons just mix them up anyway–wait, I’m a dratted patron).

People really do read Melville’s Moby Dick.

And To Kill a Mockingbird still rocks the shelves! Big yeah on this one.

So don’t be shy, trot right on down to your friendly local neighborhood library and see about volunteering for shelving. You’ll feel good, the library folk will be happy, and you’ll have an even fatter TBR list.

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11 thoughts on “Stacking the Odds

  1. I loved my Barbies when I had them, too. Now when I look at them, they basically look like hookers to me lol I don’t remember mine having that sideways glance going on though!

  2. I don’t think anybody actually finishes Moby Dick though, talk about a challenge. I do love finding hidden treasures though.

  3. Oh I didn’t like Moby Dick that much,but maybe people who’re still reading it are those who ignore about the endless and countless digressions!

    The Good,the Bad and the Barbie! Hah,what an unusual title! I wonder what it is all about!

  4. Those ones were remarkable bookish oddities indeed… The title that totally caught my attention was (of course) “The Good, the Bad, the Barbie” by Tanya Lee Stone.I wonder which characteristics are included among “the bad”, though.
    I used to be a huge Barbie doll fan when I was a kid… The Tropical Barbie was my first one… Her world was girlie, pink and as beautiful as she was. “Life In plastic is fantastic!”.
    Best wishes and thanks for this cool post, Aquileana 😛

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