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Linking Up for a New Job

If you’re like me you probably have a handful of social media accounts that you have forgotten about. Such is the case with Linked In. I was told at a writing conference how platforming and networking is essential for self-promotion. Okay. I created an account, plumped up my profile, and there it sits. I ignore this account, yet it keeps poking me for attention. Here some job offer pokes I’ve received lately–should I fluff out my resume?


Writer: International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in New York  good cause, umm–I’ll think about it…

Writer/Editor for a company whose projects and tasks may include writing for internal and external audiences (excuse me? whatter those?), serving as media contact and conducting media outreach. And to do said job I would need to have at least a BA from an accredited institution and six to nine years progressive professional experience in journalism, communications, or public relations in a writing or editing function. Okay, I got one out of two on this one

Writer for a national beauty products company in San Francisco: this would work except A)been to San Francisco–didn’t leave my heart there B)my idea of beauty products is my Maybelline mascara C)never written for an agency or client.  This is a pass.

Amazon? seriously

Communications Manager overseeing a Metropolitan School District. The position involves providing communications to departments and schools and (I like this part) to work on creating a culture of transparency and trust. Skills and Experience? I’m an ideal candidate if I’m excellent writer/editor can develop and execute strategic communications plans plus I need to be able to tell a story using various tools like video presentations because I’m innovative and creative. I’ll bookmark this one.

Wait, but there is so much more to choose from–how about:

  • Content Marketing Writer/Chief Storyteller
  • Individual Giving Writer
  • Copywriter/Editor
  • Writer/Editor
  • Editorial Strategist/Writer
  • Warranty Writer
  • Marketing Content Writer

There might be life after retiring from grading papers.  I’ll keep polishing that resume…

Anyone else get pokes of tempting possibilities to switch paychecks?


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6 thoughts on “Linking Up for a New Job

  1. LinkedIn often posts suggestions to me — some are appropriate but not anywhere near where I live. *rolls eyes* Wish they’d fix that.

    Internal audience = your bosses and coworkers.
    External audience = current and future customers.
    Just sayin’.

    LinkedIn is particularly handy as a research tool. You research company news, your interviewer, your potential coworkers and who in your list of contacts would know somebody at the company where you’d like to work.

    • Some of the jobs are tempting, indeed yes. Makes think about those days when I could just up and go for a big move. I had a feeling that’s what they meant by the audience bit–then again, isn’t it expected given a person can communicate well at all levels for all audiences?

  2. Since I live in a dream world where my writing will eventually be recognized as the next Hemingway, I chose to ignore all job opportunities. In other words, I am on the teach until I die plan.

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