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Doodle-Doo, A Contest for You

The above is Mike Allegra and he is a children’s writer.  Yes, he is a wild and crazy guy.  Kind of Steve Martin and kind of Billy Crystal– entertaining ,witty and the author of :

 Which is about how one lady, namely Sarah Hale, got Thanksgiving on the calendar as a national holiday.  Even if you aren’t into picture books, you should stop by and say “hi” to Mike. For one, he is very friendly and will say “hi” back.  For another, he tells great stories–they are hilarious more times than not.  And the best reason is right now he is offering a free personal doodle for some lucky winner.  Check out the details here.

for YOU

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10 thoughts on “Doodle-Doo, A Contest for You

  1. If I comment here, can I get my name into the Awesome Hat of Win again?

    ‘Cause that would be awesome!

  2. Thank you kindly, for the shoutout, dear Cricket! Good luck!

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