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ChromeCast Conclusions

Over the holidays, as I solicited advice on buying a new laptop, my tech progeny convinced me to buy a ChromeCast. I did. Since then I have come to the following concusions:

  • It’s a great value for the inexpensive purchase price.
  • It’s easy to set up and even easier to use.
  • It’s versatile in use, ranging from music to videos to film clips to entire movies.
  • It’s portable and travels well, meaning it has possibilities of being set up on other screens.

And the best part?

  • There are no additional costs involved.

The progeny originally used the argument of my movie passion to convince me to buy it. “No more running to the library or grocery store for a nightly flick!”
However, I did balk at the idea of re-upping with NetFlix. Not so much a bad experience, just one more monthly payment to keep track of. Instead, I signed up for the free monthly trial, did the trial period, and cancelled by the deadline. I won’t be signing up for NetFlix? Why? They don’t carry the movie selections I primarily enjoy–namely classics and the odd oldie. Netflix is fine for the current box office run, but I can live with my dollar specials available at the local grocers.
Instead of movies I’m primarily using ChromeCast for Pandora.
Right, I’m playing music on our TV. The sound system is better than my iPhone, it’s soothing to watch the little pictures float across my screen, it’s lovely background to reading, and it’s commercial free. No kidding. For some reason when Pandora is ChromeCasted no commercials pop up.
I have on occasion YouTubed with ChromeCast. It is possible to find full-length flicks on there, you just have to know what to look for and where to look.
All in all, it’s been the best present to myself that the whole family enjoys.
Anyone use ChromeCast beyond movies and music?

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2 thoughts on “ChromeCast Conclusions

  1. Chromecast is great. I use it for Netflix and HBO Go and occasionally Pandora. It’s quick and convenient and has a nice interface. I like that I can pull something up on my phone and seamlessly transfer it to my TV in a matter of seconds.

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