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Spirit Week or Been There and Did the Denim


Where’s Fonzie when I need him for fashion advice?

It’s Spirit Week next week, which gives a bit of a break to the countdown tedium of stuffy classrooms. Rumor has it we have AC. Thanks, I’ll get back to you on that.

I’m one of those wacky teachers that likes to dress up, yet not so much I don’t regret it by third period. Wearing silly gets thin after about two hours for me.

Here is the venue: I am so open to suggestions

Monday: 90’s–denim?

Tuesday: 80’s–legwarmers workout spandex?

Wednesday: 70’s –Flashdance?

Thursday: 60’s–I got the overalls and love beads (peace  out)

Friday: lost in the fifties (I own saddle shoes)

This will be a nice respite from the dress code violations of tube tops and short shorts. “But everyone else wears them!”

I don’t get into countdown mode until after Memorial Day weekend. But I’m reconsidering it after this week.

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4 thoughts on “Spirit Week or Been There and Did the Denim

  1. If you’re doing the ’60s, maybe a tie-dyed T-shirt? For 70s inspiration, I would look at the American Girl doll called Julie. The clothing she wears looks pretty historically accurate. 80s was the era of BIG hair (think Melanie Griffith in Working Girl).

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