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The Lowdown on the Upside of NPM


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Where did April go? Wasn’t it Sprink Break just a blink ago?  And now I’m making plans for Memorial Day Weekend and soon after school’s out.  Time doesn’t fly these days–it hyperlinks!


Among other celebratory events residing in April, Library Week being one such, I choose to go the whole tamale and celebrated National Poetry Month every single day. Planning a daily post involved some careful coordination and creativity.  Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the scheduling feature of WordPress? Couldn’t have done the super stretch of 30 posts without it.


I’m in a reflecting kind of mood here, so please bare (bear?) with me for a nanosecond or two. As I get ready to go back to my regularly scheduled program mode I’m not sure I shall.  I learned some things whilst committing to a month of poetry.  Here is my lowdown on the upside of celebrating National Poetry Month:


  • a lot of people like poetry–which gives me hope my students will one day grow out of the lip curl mode when immersed in that required unit
  • I gained about 20 new followers–that’s darn right pleasing
  • WordPress makes it easy to batch post–that schedule feature (again)
  • there are a lot of people who want to tell me all about their marketing ideas–thanks, but no thanks, I really do like my day job
  • I had fun selecting various themes and posts–it wasn’t as difficult as I thought to come up with a variety of post material
  • And I got an award!




Thanks JenniferK! New blogging follow and a fellow writer.  I think this is the spiffiest award yet–I like the razzle dazzle bling.


I will have to come back and name the three or so new blogs to pass on the award.  I really haven’t had time to sift through all the new blogs I’ve come across this month, but hope to set aside this weekend to do so.


Last bit of reflection (you’ve been so wonderfully forbearing–here, have a cookie…)



I’ve decided with May’s arrival, which coincides with Spring–renewal, and all that new growth stuff, I shall try a new direction with the posties.  Something old, something new, and something cool.  The ideas are percolating.


Until next post,


Blue Skies





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2 thoughts on “The Lowdown on the Upside of NPM

  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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